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Internet security has become increasingly essential for enterprises to protect and safeguard their information and assets online. Docu Connex, in partnership with Network Box, is committed to secure and shield your assets through cyber security services.

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Docu Connex is focused on copiers and printers for business needs. We seek to help you streamline your business with our range of equipment. Our professional technical team is trained to support your needs and provide you with high-quality support and care.

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At Docu Connex, we do not believe in making sales – we trust in building relationships. This is why we provide a full spectrum of services, including IT services and cloud storage systems. Our highly skilled IT professionals can help you integrate systems and get efficient.

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We trust that most of the time, the after-sales support is even more important than the features of a product.

At Docu Connex, we have a team of highly skilled professionals with deep knowledge in this industry and we are here to answer to your needs. We provide quality and timely copier maintenance services.