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A Quick Guide to the Ideal Printing Solution

A Flow chart to guide you in assessing your requirements to select the best printing solutions for your company. Talk to a Sales Consultant from Docu Connex Pte Ltd, an established Copier Machine Supplier in Singapore who stocks a wide range of branded copiers to meet all your printing needs.

Selecting a Right Copier

There are 3 main features to keep in mind when one is going to look for the ideal printing solution. You need to ask yourself 3 basic questions;

How much print volume I am going to need?

How fast do I need the copier to be?

And “Do I require a colour copier or a monotone copier?

These questions basically highlight your printing requirements and define what type of copier would be best suited to you.

We highlight here some of Docu Connex’s popular models :

Samsung SL – X3280NR

Has a capacity of 5-15k, it may be slow but it has colour printing capabilities; this is an ideal selection for somebody who would be requiring a good result with, comparatively less regard for speed.

Samsung SL – K4350LX

Has a 5-15k monthly print capacity this means it can print up to 15,000 pages a month. It may not be as fast as the more expensive models but it definitely is not slow, it also does not have colour printing capacity and as a result is not as expensive as the multiple function models of the same line.

The Xerox DC5C 2263ST

Usually picked for its sleek design although it has a print capacity of a whopping 25k pages a month, It may be considered to be a slow machine, but it has great results with a colour printing capability.

Xerox DC5C 2265ST

Has a monthly print capacity of 15-25k, it is considered a slower solution for the customer looking for a less expensive colour printing option.

Samsung SL – K7400LX

Has a 25k page monthly print capacity, it is considered to be one of the faster models although it is monotone and lacks the colour printing feature.

Xerox AP6C 3370ST

Most selected for its colour printing capabilities, it has a monthly print capacity of up to 50k pages, although with great power comes a decrease in speed.

Xerox AP5B 3065 CPFS

Ideal for someone looking for a monotone solution with 25-50k print capacity, being more expensive than the 3370ST, it is faster but it cannot be classified as a fast printer.

Xerox AP6C 3371ST

This printer has colour printing capabilities, a 25-50k monthly print capacity, it is fast as it should be it is the most expensive model of the lot and carries the best speed, the most features and a 50,000 page monthly output limit.

With the options that have been defined for you we can see different people with different priorities would be attracted to different solutions. Finally, choose whether you prefer to buy copier, lease copier or rent copier. Contact us at Tel : +65 67504758 for a discussion.