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Cyber Security

Cyber Security by DocuConnex

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Your Network Security Partner

The world is becoming increasingly connected through the digital landscape, cyber security has become essential to protect businesses and even personal assets.

When you plug into the world, it is easily forgotten that the world is also plugged into you. Cyber attacks happen 24 hours a day, all year round. Cyber threats are evolving with the world and mere firewall with an anti-virus and anti-spam software is no longer enough. As we toughen up our physical security throughout the globe, cyber security should also be one of your top concerns, especially if you have business intelligence stored digitally.

Network Box answers these concerns by playing a major role in offering businesses of all sizes, cutting-edge network security solutions that are exceptional and affordable.

How does Network Box Protect You?

Once we have Network Box installed, we remotely manage, monitor and protect your network.

All that is required of you is to go through your customised report listing the problems you have avoided and to better manage such threats.

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Why is Network Box Better?

  • Network Box is listed as a global leading managed IT security service provider by GARTNERin providing managed network security services that cater for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs).
  • Network Box provides round the clock cyber security protection on your company’s network and devices.
  • Fully automated and all-in-one solutions (e.g. Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware & Intrusion Prevention, etc)
  • View real-time cyber watch and defence system with real-time PDF report option – anytime, anywhere. Asia/Pacific Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Global MSSPs

Triple ISO and Tolly Certification

ISO 9001:2008

ISO/IEC 20000:2011

ISO/IEC 27001:2005

Tolly Certified: 100% HTTP

Tolly Certified: 100% POP3

Tolly Certified: 100% SMTP

Network Box Services Lifecycle

  • We ensure end-to-end consultation, service, installation, and round the clock monitoring.

(1) Consultation

(2) Installation

(3) Operational

(4) Review & Feedback

Veriato® RansomSafe acts as a vital layer in your ransomware defence, combining just-in-time data protection with multiple mechanisms to detect, and shut down attacks before they hold your business hostage.

Key Benefits


Should ransomware reach your file server, Veriato® RansomSafe detects the attack and shuts it down before your data is encrypted


RansomSafe backs up your files before they are changed, making a pristine copy of the latest version of your files.


Once the attack is disrupted, recover in minutes with just a few clicks. No extensive, and expensive, downtime.

How Else Can Ransom Save Help You?


Veriato® RansomSafe is continuously updated, maintaining a robust database of known ransomware signatures. The software detects the presence of known variants by matching against this database.


The best protection against the disruption and expense of a ransomware attack is current backups. Veriato® RansomSafe ‘intercepts the command to encrypt (or delete) your files, making a copy and storing it safely away from the reach of the attack.


By helping you place honeypot files on your file that, if modified, alert Veriato® RansomSafe to a ransomware attack, the software is able to reliably detect attacks from previously unknown variants.


Veriato® RansomSafe blocks the user account attempting to encrypt your files from making changes to the file system, shutting down the attack to prevent further encryption attempts and to minimise the restoration effort required. Veriato® RansomSafe can send you an email notification immediately if and when this happens, allowing you to respond quickly.

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