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Managed Print Services Singapore

Managed Print Services Singapore

Managed Print Services (MPS) is another services provided by DocuConnex to serve Clients’ ever changing printing requirements.

What is  MPS ?

One of the Key takeaway of MPS is that you need only to pay for every copy you print, popularly known as Pay-per-Print. You can then concentrate on your core business and leave the maintenance of copiers to DocuConnex.

How does it work?

In DocuConnex, we adopt the 5-stage process model to understand your print environment, working alongside you to adapt the model to your business.

What is the MPS Process ?

 Step 1 : Examine

A detailed examination of your current print environment. A professional analysis will be conducted for an in-depth understanding for your business and mobile workforce. Past records will be taken into consideration.

Step 2 : Evaluate

Identification of possible improvement or changes that caters to your needs depending on your business requirements and future planning. The evaluation includes a financial assessment, an audit on your current infrastructure.

Step 3 : Propose

We shall give you a Solution that is derived alongside you according to your current and future environment changes. These proposals will be strategized in line with your business requests for best result. A detailed floor plan is usually accompanied with the proposal.

Step 4 : Execute

Implementation of the Solution to ensure smooth progression to the new managed solution service. The managed solution service can be customised according to business’ needs. Alternatively, it can be carried out in stages.

Step 5 : Review

We conduct constant rewiew to ensure consistency and maintain excellent performance of your business. A post-mortem execution plan is carried out for a follow up session to improve workflow. The regular assessment will ensure that requirements are met.

Is the MPS ideal for you ?

There has been substantial savings by our Clients after adopting the Managed Print Services from us. It is ideal for Organizations with fairly consistent usage and having to manage accountability for each user’s usage.

What are the Benefits of the MPS ?

DocuConnex shall provide you with a usage report every month, breaking down to details by users upon request. This allows great transparency and reduces your administrative tasks. You do not have to worry about Toner change as it shall be managed by DocuConnex. As your company expands, additional copiers can be added seamlessly into the program. You no longer need to worry about the Copier Maintenance as your fleet will be professionally managed by DocuConnex, a reliable Copier Machine Supplier in Singapore.

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