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Often after purchasing a product, our main concerns are with the after-sales support. For a big item purchase like a photocopier, maintenance services have never been more important.

We have been in the industry since 2011 as a company with professionals equipped with deep knowledge and expertise in this market stemming more than a decade. Have an issue with your Samsung or Xerox copier? We’ll fix it for you.

Unfortunately, photocopy machines sometimes break down or do not work as expected. While larger companies can afford to have an in-house technician to work on fixing the machine, smaller companies may not have a personnel to rely on. That is where Docu Connex comes in. With our track record of experience in printers, copiers and photocopy machines, we are the best equipped team to deal with any problems you may experience with your photocopy machine in Singapore. You can fully entrust your faulty printer to us. Our team is passionate in ensuring that your photocopy machine will function as good as new.


We can help you service and maintain your Samsung/Fuji Xerox copiers from your existing vendor upon our inspection if your:-

– Service contract has expired
– Current vendor is unsatisfactory
Copier is bought over from a previous business without service & maintenance

We have: •
• Professional technical service team
• Quality and timely service
• Reasonable rates

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  • Maintenance review and assessment (one-time fee* applies)
  • Quote on workmanship
  • Includes toner maintenance, servicing of machine faults, clean-up and parts repairment or replacement

*One-time fee applies on review and assessment even if the customer decides not to take up the quote on workmanship eventually.

The one-time fee will be offset should the quote on workmanship be accepted.


  • Maintenance review and assessment for a year
  • Parts repair
  • Unlimited man hours
  • Call support helpdesk during office hours
  • Supply of consumables (i.e. Toners, etc)

For any enquiries, please contact us or call (65) 6750 4758. We are happy to help!