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Managed Print Solutions

Time and money are 2 essential factors that speak about performance of a company. Do you know how much of such resources are consumed in your printing processes? Are you optimising your resources?

Through Managed Print Solutions, we can assess your print environment and provide you with an efficient and productive print solution. Now, you will be able to devote your resources to your core business.

How do we actualise the Managed Print Solutions?

Each stage of the MPS is meticulously calculated to align our services to your business requirements. They are all designed to target at your needs, in particular your business objectives and environment. By adopting a 5 stage process, we work with the initial understanding of your environment, working alongside you to adapt the model to your business.

The M.P.S Process


A detailed examination of your present state. A professional analysis will be conducted for an in-depth understanding for your business.


Identification of possible enhancement or changes that caters to your needs depending on your business requirements. The evaluation includes a financial assessment, an audit on your current infrastructure and your business conditions.


The best solution will be devised alongside you according to your current and future environment changes. These solutions will be strategized in line with your business requests for best result.


Implementation of the program to ensure smooth progression to the new managed solution service. The managed solution service can be customised according to business’ needs. Alternatively, it can be carried out in stages.


Critical re-evaluation to ensure consistency and maintain excellent performance of your business. A post-mortem execution plan is carried out for a follow up session to improve workflow. The regular assessment will ensure that requirements are met.

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